Microsoft Windows Server 2016是最先进和强大的服务器O/S,具有混合功能.

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Windows 2016 Server是微软最新的面向服务器的操作系统, 为您带来世界上最大的基于云的数据中心(Azure)背后的创新. The fact that this technology is used by Microsoft Azure itself allows it to create on site IT networks, 根据您的需求提供安全的私有云或自定义混合网络.
使用Windows 2016服务器版发展您的网络经验.

  1. 健壮的基础设施: 微软Windows 2016服务器 它的设计是为了通过其先进的软件定义网络来实现类似云计算的效率吗, storage 和 computing features that can help defeat most operational 和 security challenges faced by modern network designs.
  • hyper - v:搭载企业级hyper - v, you can be confident since this is the same hypervisor that Microsoft used to run its data-centers around the globe. Also comes with an ability to share workloads from on-site to a Windows server Virtual Machine in Azure.
  • Nano-OS:最大化您的可用性和优化资源使用与“刚刚足够的OS”. 该安装比Windows Server 2016小25倍.
  • Mixed cluster upgrades: Get ZERO downtime for both hyper - v 和 Scale-out-file server workloads without requiring new hardware.
  • 多操作系统支持:与最好的类支持Linux在hyper - v上, 现在可以在多个操作系统上部署应用程序.
  • 使用Azure进行远程管理:新的基于Azure的GUI可以在任何地方控制windows服务器.
  1. 操作系统级别的安全: Microsoft windows Server 2016 is designed with built in breach resistance 和 multiple layers of environment based security measures which not only protects your precious data but also helps detect suspicious activity.操作系统级别的安全
  • Protects your VM: Shielded VM feature encrypts your VMs with bitlocker thus ensures that they can only run on hosts approved by the Host Guardian Service.
  • Secured credentials: Protects admin credentials from Pass-the-Hash attacks with the unique Credential Guard 和 Remote Credential Guard feature.
  • Control Flow Guard: Built in Control Flow Guard helps memory corruption attacks also helps ensure that only trusted software can be run on the server.
  • Detecting attacks: Windows server 2016 comes with advanced auditing capabilities to detect unauthorized behavior.
  1. 负担得起的存储: Reduce costs 和 add scale with the Azure inspired 和 software defined storage capabilities in Windows Server 2016 和 realize the efficiency benefits of a software defined datacenter.2016服务器集群
  • 降低存储成本:高可用性, 可扩展的超融合存储解决方案,价格仅为SAN或NAS的一小部分. 使用微软的Storage Spaces Direct, 您还可以选择使用工业标准服务器与高速SSD.
  • Affordable backup: Maintain business continuity with “Storage Replica” which is a synchronous storage replication for disaster recovery.
  • QoS监管:确保只有关键应用程序能够优先访问内存资源.
  1. 应用集成: 我们知道,大多数企业都在朝着基于应用程序的商业模式发展. 有强大连接支持的应用程序有助于赢得和吸引客户. 然而,开发人员对IT基础设施的现实缺乏耐心, 这就是Windows Server 2016容器技术发挥作用的地方. Containers can not only help speed up the application 部署 but also streamline the way IT operations 和 部署 teams collaborate to deliver applications. Additionally the micro services architectures can be used to separate apps into smaller independent services which allows for hassle free upgradation of the application without affecting the rest.2016服务器集群
  • Existing apps: Run existing applications without modifying them yet taking advantage of the advanced security 和 efficiency features of the Windows Server 2016.
  • DevOps Environment: Move existing apps into a modern DevOps environment with almost no code changes while gaining faster delivery 和 better security. 开发人员现在可以使用生产环境, Docker Engine的完全支持版本, 在Windows Server 2016中运输和运行集装箱.
  • Supports cloud 和 hybrid applications: Capable of running new microservices using compressed resources with the help of “Just enough” technology.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016有3个版本.

  • Datacenter Edition: This edition is targeted towards highly virtualized 和 software defined datacenter environments 和 it comes with a Core based licensing model from Microsoft. This edition has the full package with unlimited virtualization rights 和 several layers of stepped up security within the operating system’s layers itself along with advanced storage 和 management features.
  • St和ard Edition: This edition was designed keeping non-virtual environments with low density 和 it comes with a core based licensing model.
  • Essentials Edition: The most basic version designed for small businesses with up to 25 users 和 50 devices. 它的授权是基于处理器的.

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